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Mineral Pools

Mineral pools by Theralux

What is Theralux?

We are proud to say that we are an authorised Diamond Dealer of Theralux Advanced Mineral Pool Systems. Theralux is a division of International Quadratics. Proudly Australian-owned with over 100 years of industry success, International Quadratics is a leading manufacturer of swimming pool chemicals for local and international markets. Theralux believe that the time of heavily salted or chlorinated pools is over. Through their combined experience and expertise, they aim to deliver you the healthiest, safest, most cost effective and environmentally friendly swimming environment possible.

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Several scientific studies of swimming pool water have recorded the beneficial effects certain mineral compositions have on the human body.

Once commotion in particular, magnesium, chloride, has been proven to provide a number of substantial health and wellbeing benefits to the bather.

Mineral enhanced swimming pool water provides a softer and more natural feel. Its mild flocking capabilities help to filter out extremely fine material such as dust and dirt, providing a crystal-clear swimming pool all year round. This reduces the need for specialty chemicals like clarifiers and algaecides, delivering you further cost savings.

A mineral enhanced additive feels pleasant, has little to no taste and moisturises your skin as you swim. For sensitive skin, including young children and people with conditions like eczema and dermatitis, Theralux is the ultimate choice. It also provides natural relief for injuries and muscular complaints — using a mineral content, it will be absorbed through the pores of the skin, releaving the nervous and muscular system.

Each year, millions of people fly around the world to exotic locations to bathe in natural mineral baths and springs. These proclaimed ‘fountains of youth’ contain naturally occurring combinations of minerals that soothe the body and relax the mind. Using a mineral enhanced additive will produce the same therapeutic effect. One swim leaves you feeling calm, nourished, rejuvenated, and revitalised. It’s like a natural bath in your backyard.

When compared to traditional salt and chlorine pool sanitation, a Theralux pool is also the best choice for the environment. Theralux’ s efforts to reduce sodium usage in our pools helps reduce urban sanity and, because salt is highly corrosive, using less prolongs the life of any accessories and products used in and around your pool.

A mineral enhanced additive can be added to any pool to improve the swimming experience, the company recommends using the additive in conjunction with the entire Theralux system to unlock the full potential of natural swimming.

Play your part in a greener tomorrow and enjoy a more luxurious swimming experience for you and your family, switch to a Theralux pool today.

Health benefits of a mineral water pools

For thousands of years, the benefits of submerging in mineral-dense bodies of water have been widely believed and documented. Across Europe, mineral baths are popular tourist-hubs for people looking to enjoy their many benefits. But you don’t need to fly to far flung places to enjoy the proven health outcomes of swimming in mineral-rich water. In fact, you can have it in your backyard with a Theraulx Active™ Complete Mineral Pool.

To say ‘health benefits’ is great, but what exactly are these benefits? Well, we’re glad you asked. If you currently have a pool and are looking to convert to a mineral pool, or are in the process of building one, there are a number of ways your health can benefit from swimming in a mineral pool.

Relaxes your mind and body

One of the main benefits associated with delving into mineral pools is the relaxation your mind and body experience, almost instantaneously. Over time, it can help you maintain a more relaxed demeanour even while out of the pool. The transdermal absorption (through the skin) of the minerals as you swim can even lower blood pressure. This can also allow the nervous system to calm the physical symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Repairs nerve and muscle function

Spending time in a mineral-dense pool has been shown to strengthen bone density (by aiding in better absorption of calcium to the body), boost immunity and regulate sugar levels. In a lot of instances, these ailments are related to lifestyle choices that are degenerative to the body’s function; including the healing power of mineral pools into your health treatment can greatly improve its efficacy and offer a faster route back to good health.

Increases skin elasticity and hair health

Good health doesn’t just show up on the inside… Swimming in mineral pools is often associated with improved aesthetics, allowing the skin to press pause on premature ageing. Minerals improve the skin’s elasticity and injects moisture back into dry or drying skin (the opposite of what chlorine-heavy pools have historically done to our skin). This leaves our skin feeling soft and silky, while also slowing down the advent of wrinkles.

Magnesium is also responsible for improving the strength of our hair follicles, stopping hair loss and breakage while also improving its natural sheen.

Soothe skin conditions

Mineral pools can also help with the healing of skin conditions such as rosacea, acne, eczema, and psoriasis. There are even anecdotal reports that swimming in a mineral pool can solely cure mild to moderate instances of these conditions, without the help of other medications or topical steroids. Minerals are reparative, as opposed to degenerative and drying, when it comes to our skin’s reaction to it. The silky feeling you have when you get out of a mineral pool is not just a film on top of the skin that goes away, it’s penetrative and repairs as you swim, and continues when you’re out of the pool.

Improves energy levels and helps with sleep

Taking a dip in a mineral pool when you’re lethargic can immediately increase your energy levels as it aids in the circulation of blood to your heart, muscles, and brain. It’s healthier and more effective for boosting energy than downing several cups of coffee and won’t interrupt your sleep patterns. Minerals work to keep you at a healthy level of energy; if you’re low it will bring you up to that level, if you are elevated, it will settle you down to that level. This ensures you have enough energy to get you through your day, and enough relaxation to help zone you out to achieve adequate sleep.


Existing pool conversion


Converting your existing pool to a Theralux Advanced Mineral Pool

Are you an existing pool owner and wanting to convert your pool into a mineral bathing oasis? The good news is that any pool can be converted to a mineral with the use of Theralux Enhanced Mineral Additive.

Follow these steps:

  1. Simply test and balance your pool water as you have always done using the same sanitizer, keeping within the standard parameters as per Australian Standards (please refer to the table below). Please note if you are using a salt chlorinator, you must maintain the TDS levels that are recommended by the products manufacturer.
  2. Once you are within the parameters and you have the correct TDS levels maintained, simply add in 6kg per 10,000 litres of Theralux Enhanced Mineral Additive and top them up every 5 to 6 months using 3kg per 10,000Litres. You can also check for the mineral strength in your water by using the Theralux Mineral Test Strips. It's that simple.


Water balance parameter

What if I am adding Theralux Mineral Additive to an existing chlorine pool or spa?

If your main sanitiser is chlorine, you can still add Theralux Mineral Additive and receive most of the health and wellbeing benefits this product offers. However, you will not receive the added benefit of magnesium hydroxide which is created when water flows across the plates in salt cells (cells are part of a salt chlorination system). Magnesium hydroxide is a water conditioner, sanitizer and also produces a mild flocking agent binding fine particles together enhancing your water quality.

What if I am adding Theralux Mineral Additive to an existing salt chlorinated pool?

If you already operate a salt chlorinator on your pool and wish to use Theralux Enhanced Mineral Additive, then this is perfectly ok. You will receive the health and wellbeing benefits however you must maintain the required TDS levels of the chlorinator that you use (please refer to the manufactures guidelines or speak to your local pool shop). The TDS levels are important to maintain as it prevents premature cell wear and allows the chlorinator to effectively run and sanitise your water, keeping the bather safe from bacteria.

To maintain your TDS levels, all you need to do is continue adding sodium to your pool as you have always done and from now you simply just add the Theralux Enhanced Mineral Additive every 5 to 6 months. You can also check for the mineral strength in your water by using the Theralux Mineral Test Strips. It's that simple.

For the True Theralux Mineral Pool Experience

If you are wanting to get a true mineral pool experience and receive the majority of the benefits that a Theralux Mineral Pool offers, we strongly suggest you do the following at a minimum:

  1. Ensure your pool has a media filter installed. Most media filters will use sand so you will have to remove this and place in the Theraclear Recycled Glass Media. We recommend contacting one of our Theralux Authorised Diamond Dealers to assist you with this process.
  2. Install the Therachlor Chlorinator: Compatible with all salt and mineral water pools operating at a low TDS level of 4000ppm. This is up to a 50% reduction when compared to traditional salt pools. The benefit to you as bather is that it greatly reduces the moisture that is drawn from your body, providing a fresh tasting water that is comforting to your skin. The Therachlor also uses significantly less power saving you on your energy bills.
  3. Finish by placing in the appropriate amount of the Theralux Enhanced Mineral Additive. Immerse yourself and enjoy.

Maintaining your Theralux Mineral Pool and topping up with minerals

Maintaining your Theralux Mineral Pool is as simple and cost effective as it gets. By separating the minerals into its own concentrated formula, it allows Theralux to be the least complicated and most economical pool option on the market. Simply test and balance your pool, maintaining all your basic parameters (Total Chlorine, Total Alkalinity, pH, Cyanuric Acid and Calcium Hardness) and ensure a TDS level of at least 4000ppm. We suggest you take a sample of your water into your local pool shop once a month.

Option 1: Top up your pool with Theralux Mineral Additive every 5 to 6 months using 3kg per 10,000Litres.


Option 2: Use the Theralux Mineral Test Strip to get instant result telling you when you need to top up your Theralux pool with minerals.