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Pool Fencing

As part of our full pool renovation package, we can organise for the supply, installation, and certification of your pool fence. Regardless of the location of your pool or where you live, you will need a certified pool fence that complies with Australian Standard AS1926.1 - Safety Barriers for Swimming Pools. Pool fencing can be constructed out of glass (frameless and semi-frameless), aluminium, timber and many more materials as long as they adhere to AS1926.1. Glass fences are probably the most popular choice for pool fencing as it is not only modern and aesthetically pleasing but it also opens up the pool area to the rest of the backyard. Aluminium and timber fences are popular choices for customers who live in quite bushy and leafy backyards, as they do not require the maintenance that glass fences do.

Whatever fencing your pool requires let us know today and we can organise a solution for you.

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