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Pool Decking

Timber decking in and around the pool area is a popular choice amongst our clients. Decking adds another texture to your poolscape as it brings in a natural element that can complement, youre chosen coping tile and pool water colour. It is also a great solution to clients who want to make their pool level with their surrounds without bearing the expense of concreting and then tiling it. In this instance, decking is a favourable option as it is less expensive and quicker to install.

When choosing the colour and staining of your preferred timber, it is crucial to consider the colour and tones of your backyard surrounds, house colour, stone, and water colour. Timber types and stains that seamlessly blend in with its surrounding environment usually have the greatest effect as they allow the pool to be the focal point of your backyard…which it is.

Speak to our designers today and discover which decking solution is right for your pool area.

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