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Pool Interiors

The time has come to what we think is one of the most important decisions for any new pool build or renovation, the interior. The interior colour will dictate the overall water colour of your pool and set the scene for your backyard. Here at Pebble Masters, we specialise in pebblecrete pool interiors. With over forty years’ experience with this product, we have developed skills that are unmatched in the industry.

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Components of a Pool Interior

 New render-based pool interiors may include one, two or all of these options.

Natural pebble

Now don’t be scared by the term ‘pebblecrete’, you’re probably thinking of those big old gold and brown 4-6mm pebbles that would scrape your knees and fingers in the pool when you were younger. Perhaps that’s what you currently have in your pool. That isn’t the case today and we rarely install these bigger types of pebbles nowadays. As our industry has progressed, so too have our materials. For example, the natural pebbles we source now are much smaller, around 1-3mm in diameter. This creates a much smoother and more compact render when applied inside a swimming pool. As a result, it’s virtually impossible to scrape or cut yourself as compared to the 6mm gold and brown pebbles back in the day.

What natural pebbles do we actually use?

We are Australia’s leading applicator of Skypebble pool finishes

Quality materials are the basis for any quality pool finish. Since starting our business, Skypebble has been the basis for our pebble finishes. So, what is Skypebble? Skypebble is a pure and natural 100% quartz pebble (over 99% pure silica) that has been formed by nature over millions of years. Sourced from quarries near Invercargill in New Zealand’s picturesque South Island, the pebble we use is the cleanest, purest available on the global market. It comes in five colours and a range of sizes, so you are spoiled for choice. Internationally, Skypebble and its associated brands are used in over 30,000 pools each year, with our company being the leading applicator in the Australian market. In using this product for over 25 years we believe in its qualities as a superior swimming pool finish. These qualities are that Skypebble has a natural and pleasing texture, is extremely durable and reliable, is slip-resistant as a pool surface and is easy to clean and maintain. We know all this because we have used it for so long, our customers love it and we do too (it’s in our pool!).

Rounded glass beads

Along with smaller natural pebbles, we have recently seen the introduction of pure rounded glass beads. Glass beads are a great addition to any pool finish as they not only enhance the water colour but also give your pool a sparkle factor. The glass beads we use are 1-3mm as well, meaning we always achieve a beautiful textured finish that feels good under your feet! Each colour of glass bead will play a key role in dictating the overall water colour of your pool. Your water colour is dictated by the sun, sky, and refraction of light as it passes through the pool water and hits the interior. In short, the lighter your interior, the lighter blue the water and the darker your interior the more dark blue, green or black the water is… just depends on what you choose but we will get into colour selections soon.

Coloured Oxide/Pigment

Another component of a new interior may be the addition of an oxide, sometimes called a pigment. An oxide/pigment is an additive designed to colour the cement component of the interior finish. Whilst the colour of the natural pebble and glass will stay the same, the cement that binds these two will change, thus effectively changing the whole colour of the interior. Oxides and pigments combined with the colour of natural pebble and glass beads will ultimately enhance the pool water colour and allow you to achieve your desired colour.

With plenty of options in the natural pebble, glass, and oxide fields, we know it can get confusing. Our designers at Pebble Masters are here to help and will guide you as to what interior will achieve the water colour you want. On a special note, all of our interiors are not pre-mixed as all finishes are mixed on site on the day when we apply your interior. This means you have full control in designing your interior the way you want it. Whatever the colour or blend, we can achieve it to make it unique to your backyard. Maybe you are seeking that Mediterranean blue water on your last European holiday. With our guidance and products, we can reach that water colour making everyday a holiday in your pool!

Application of Pool Interiors

Applying a new interior into a new pool

For a new pool, the new interior process is only a short one-to-two-day job, more if needed, depending by the size of the pool (the average residential pool will only take one day for a new interior).  A new interior can be directly applied over the new concrete shell of the pool, no preparation coat needed. Before we apply a new interior, the shell will undergo an acid wash and scraping phase. This process will ensure that the shell is clean and suitable for a new interior. Once your new interior has been trowelled on by our team it undergoes a pressure wash to expose the natural pebble and glass and a final acid wash to clean the surface before filling. Once the pool is full, the start-up chemicals will go in (follow our procedure) and after a day of circulation it’s time to swim!

Applying a new interior into an existing pool

For a pool renovation, a new interior can only be applied once the pool has been thoroughly checked for any issues as aforementioned in the pool renovation section. Once these problems have been identified and treated by our experts, we will apply our preparation layer. Our preparation layer has been designed to maximise adhesion between the new interior finish and the original substrate. The products used in our preparation coat will ensure a strong bond between the two, meaning your new pool interior will last for many years to come. The preparation coat is a standard in all our pool renovations and serves as our foundation for a quality, long-lasting and perfect job. After the preparation coat has dried and cured, your chosen interior finish can be applied. This will take however many days judging by the size of your pool (the average residential pool will only take one day for a new interior). The same process applies as said in the last two sentences of the above paragraph. Swimming is just around the corner!

Our Most Popular Interior Colours


Interior name: Bronte

Water Colour: Sky Blue

Recommended waterline tile colours: Sky Blue, Dark Blue, White

Are you looking for an interior reminiscent of that crystal-clear sky-blue water found at our Aussie beaches? We sure love it! Our ‘Bronte’ interior has been crafted by us to replicate this fresh and sparkling water colour that so many of us adore. Featuring Arctic White Skypebble and a mixture of light blue and clear glass beads, our ‘Bronte’ interior mimics that crystal clear Eastern suburbs foreshore on a hot summer’s day.

Interior name: Narrabeen

Water colour: Vibrant mid-blue

Recommended waterline tile colour: Sky Blue, Dark Blue,

Fancy a trip up north without leaving your backyard? Our ‘Byron’ interior is blue, like really really blue. Mixing dark blue, light blue and clear glass beads with a sprinkle of Arctic White Pebblesheen, the Byron interior gives your pool that uplift it deserves. Due to its high glass content, the interior gives off a sparkling effect, making your water glisten and shimmer under the Aussie sun.

Interior name: Tangalooma Bay

Water colour: Aquamarine/Teal

Recommended waterline tile colours: Black, Aquamarine 

Holiday feeling - check. Tropical water - check. Bringing these elements to your backyard - crazy! Our ‘Tangalooma Bay’ is a real crowd favourite here for people who veer off the stereotypical blue pools. This interior uses a natural Skypebble Arctic White with a hint of back and clear glass beads. Yes, black glass! Don’t get in a ‘tangal’ though. When the sun hits black glass it throws off green and by combining the white and clear we get aquamarine/teal water.

Interior name: Bondi

Water colour: Deep Blue

Recommended waterline tile colours: Black, Dark Blue, Dark Grey

Looking for that rich blue water from Australia’s most famous beach? Look no further. Our ‘Bondi’ blue interior is the perfect choice for anyone seeking a slice of elegance and royalty in their pool. By mixing dark blue glass and black glass beads with a dark blue oxide we can achieve this magical water colour. So, if you’re in search of a luxury finish, look no further than our ‘Bondi’ interior.

Interior name: Hamilton Island

Water colours: Natural light green

Recommended waterline tile colours: Aquamarine, Light Green, Dark Green Brown, Yellow, Cream, Black

Get your snorkels and flippers on, it’s time to go on an adventure to Australia’s Northeast coast, Hamilton Island. This blend is by far the perfect interior for those who are in search of that natural, tropical water colour. Using a mixture of gold, white and grey natural Skypebble with a sprinkle of clear and green glass, our ‘Hamilton Island’ finish is the perfect complement for those who reside in a green-bushy backyard. If you’re looking for a water colour to blend in with your green surroundings this the choice for you.