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Waterline Tiles

A waterline tile is the band of tiles situated under the pool coping on the interior of the pool. These tiles are usually installed at a depth of 120-300mm below the coping, or wherever the pool water can sit in the middle of the band. In pebblecrete pools, waterline tiles are not only used as an aesthetic feature but also a protective one.

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Waterline tiles as a protective layer

Waterline tiles protect the interior from the elements, making it easier to clean dirt and ‘scum’ off tiles rather than a pebblecrete surface. A ‘scum’ mark is a dirty band that would line the pool in the area that the water meets the pebblecrete surface (providing that there are no waterline tiles). It occurs when dirt, dust, and other foreign debris on the pool water surface cling themselves to the internal perimeter wall of the pool. If left unattended, ‘scum’ marks become increasingly stubborn, making them harder to clean off the surface. As they become more stubborn and dirty, they create an environment where algae thrives, leaving you with a darker green band around the pool.

If there were no waterline tiles, the pebblecrete would simply be trowelled up to the coping. After years of exposure to the elements, the pebblecrete above the water will discolour and stain, being different from the pebblecrete under the water. When dirt, dust, and grime clings itself to the sides of the pool it would be a lot harder to clean it off a pebblecrete surface as compared to a tiled one. The tile acts as both an aesthetic feature and a protective one in this case, making for a better swimming environment and easier maintenance for you.

Waterline tiles as an aesthetic feature

When choosing a waterline tile, we suggest you consider four things:

  1. The interior colour you have selected
  2. The water colour that this interior will give
  3. The coping tile you have
  4. Your overall pool area and backyard surroundings

All four considerations should work in harmony and complement each other. On the aesthetic side, waterline tiles have come a long way since pools started being a backyard necessity. You are spoiled for choice. Pool tiles are available in a myriad of colours, styles, and sizes nowadays. Waterline tiles play a part in the overall colour of your pool water. When the sun or light reflects off the tiles it gives the ability to darken or lighten the water in its immediate surroundings. Here at Pebble Masters, we only endorse tiles specifically designed for pool environments and that have met both Australian and International standards for quality. Some brands that we use and endorse are Ezzari, Leyla, Bisazza, Reviglass, Hisbalit, Trend and The Pool Tile Company. When fixing and grouting these tiles, we also use products specifically designed for pool environments. The adhesives and grouts we use and endorse are Laticrete, Mapei, Davco and Ardex.

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If you want to modernise the look of your pool whilst at the same time protecting your interior from the elements, speak to our designers today and select a waterline tile that is best for you!

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