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If you’re wanting to add a unique touch to your swimming pool renovation or new interior we have compiled a list of special products that you may be interested in.

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Handrails and pool ladders

Handrails and pool ladders are extremely useful if you have difficulties entering and exiting your swimming pool. Handrails are extremely popular amongst our customers of older demographics as it makes the pool easily accessible. However, handrails are not only for the older generation. We have also installed these products for customers with young children as it ensures that little extra safety when entering and exiting the pool.

Nowadays, pool handrails and ladders come in all different shapes and sizes, from a standard range to a designer one. We offer a comprehensive supply and install package of S.R. Smith handrails and pool ladders for both residential and commercial swimming pools. Since 1932, S.R. Smith have gained international recognition as a leading manufacturer of pool deck equipment. Each pool ladder and handrail are made using 316L marine grade stainless steel and coated using SRS Clearshield Coating, meaning they are suitable and durable for the pool environment. This protective coating elements corrosion and allows the steel to remain cool even in extreme temperatures.

Phone 1800 PEBBLE today and talk to our talented staff about a new pool handrail or ladder. They will guide you to the most suitable rail rod ladder for your swimming pool.

Hand Rail

Pool covers

Installing a pool cover has a multitude of benefits for your swimming pool. Pool covers:

  • Keep your pool free from garden debris and insects, saving you cleaning time
  • Prevent water evaporation by up to 95%, saving you on water and chemical costs
  • Keep your pool warmer for longer, saving you on heating costs
  • Complies with national water restriction codes
  • Decreases the number of times your pool will need backwashing
  • Extends your swimming season

Here at Pebble Masters, we are proud suppliers of the leading brands in pool covers and blankets. We endorse and offer Daisy, Sunbather and Remco pool covers. Speak to our staff today to discuss which pool cover is right for your pool.

Pool Vover Under Bench

Stainless steel pool fittings by Flolux

Flolux is forging a new path for finishing concrete and fibreglass pools, spas, water features and an array of other submerged applications. Its revolutionary range of 316L stainless steel pool and spa fittings is designed in Australia and available across the globe. Australian owned, Flolux enables architects, pool designers and builders to maintain the high standards of design and construction by finishing with polished 316L stainless steel fittings.

“The must-have alternative to PVC fittings.”

The design-protected Flolux range represents the full suite of visible wall fittings for pools, spas and water features and will offer discerning owners a superior, safe and affordable finish.

Innovatively designed in Australia, Flolux fittings: are suitable for concrete and fibreglass pools, spas and other submerged applications; sit flush to pool and spa walls and floors; are designed for easy installation; and can be interchanged with existing PVC fittings.

Flolux facias: are designed and sculpted from 316L stainless steel (FloJet, FloAir, FloAir Control and FloBubbler facias are solid stainless steel); are polished for a superior, first-class finish; and are safely secured to the high-grade PVC backing through the FloLock System.

The Flolux Finish ensures every aspect of a luxury pool or spa is visually and functionally of the highest calibre. With a focus on innovative design, aesthetic excellence, and quality craftsmanship, the uncompromising Flolux range is a revolution in safety, elegance and incomparable finishing for concrete and fibreglass pools and spas.


Skimmer lids by Hide

The Hide Skimmer Lid is a revolutionary pool area product that seamlessly blends your skimmer lid into your coping and surrounds. Hide creates a sophisticated and integrated finish by giving you the flexibility to use your pool coping or surround tile to form part of the skimmer lid. This is achieved with the use of Hide’s durable marine grade 316 stainless steel tray. Once the coping material has been installed, one or two keyway slots are installed within the tile. 

Benefits of the Hide Skimmer lid:

  • Complies with Australian Standard AS 1926.3 2010 Swimming Pool Safety - Water Recirculation Systems.
  • Durable marine grade 316 stainless steel tray prevents cracked or broken skimmer lids
  • Attractive and seamless design
  • Easier to remove and place with the use of  stainless-steel keys
  • Ensures a flush finish to surrounding tiles, removing trip hazardsHide Skimmer Ld

Pool games by SR Smith

Want to increase the fun-factor in your swimming pool? Perhaps you have children or grandchildren who are full of energy! SR Smith offers a range of high quality, specially built basketball hoops and volleyball nets for residential swimming pools. We at Pebble Masters specialise in the supply and installation of these fun-packed products. Whether it’s a slam-dunk or spike, no-one will ever get bored of their swimming pool with these products, they are a true memory maker!

Pool Games

In-pool furniture by Ledge Lounger

Ledge Lounger’s in-pool furniture range is the perfect pool addition for anyone who’s seeking that relaxation vibe. Whether you’re an avid reader or fancying a cold glass of champagne, this new line of pool furniture allows you to feel the coolness of the pool water whilst staying mostly dry! The in-pool furniture series are made of high quality, UV16 rated resin and Sunbrella marine grade fabrics, designed to withstand the sun, water and chemicals of any pool and outdoor environment. The in-pool furniture line is usually located in shallow water depths ranging from 15 to 40 centimetres deep. They are usually placed on large, submerged platforms called swim outs or beached areas. If you do not have one of these areas, we can construct one within your pool to suit your selection of furniture.

In-pool furniture adds another dimension of enjoyment to your swimming pool. If you want to sit back, unwind and feel the cool touch of water, Ledge Lounger’s furniture line is the perfect addition for your pool.

In Pool Furniture

LED perimeter optics by PAL Lighting

A new trend that is emerging amongst some new pool builds is that of perimeter strip lighting. PAL’s perimeter LED strip lighting is fully encapsulated in UV resistant PVC and are usually situated under the pool coping. When illuminated, the product lights up the perimeter of your pool. Whilst they are expensive, they do really add a grand and elegant touch to any pool at night-time. The PAL strip lighting is multicoloured and suits most pool shapes and applications. They are also available with a Colour Touch remote or are easily linked to a Wi-Fi controlled application that can be downloaded on your smart device.

LED Perimeter Lighting

Magicstream Deck Jet II by Pentair

If you long for that sound of running water or love the site of a fountain, the Magicstream Deck Jet II is what you need. Pentair’s new deck jets are situated in your pool coping or surrounds. They are installed flush and out of sight, seamlessly blending in with your chosen coping tile. When functioning, the Magicstream creates an arc of water that gently splashes into your pool which simply enhances the serenity of your pool area.

Features of the Magicstream Deck Jet II:

  • Quality design assures low water flow requirements and eliminates any concerns about standing water or unwanted debris collection
  • Jets installed flush to surfaces, no unsightly or unsafe edges
  • Spray height and direction easily adjusted to alter visual effectsPentair Deck Jets

Aquea retro main drain lid

The AQUEA Retro-fit Lid Kit is the perfect solution for upgrading many popular main drain fittings during pool renovations or re-finishing. The flush-fitting lid integrates into the surrounding pool interior for a flawless finish every time, and the 'twist and click' lid avoids fiddly & unsightly screws.

The Main Drain - Retro-fit Lid Kit includes everything required for upgrading most existing Main Drain niches with AQUEA's integrated, flush-fit lid system.

Aquea Main Drain Lid


Water features

If you’re looking to turn your regular pool into something special, maybe you should think about the addition of a water feature. Perhaps you want to hide the ugly site of your pool equipment, want to block out that unpleasing perimeter fence or you might just simply love the sound of running water, a water feature is the way to go. These structures can easily be erected upon existing concrete foundations of your pool surrounds, subject to inspection first. Nowadays, water features may include a natural stone cladding with a slimline waterspout that is virtually invisible. This seamless waterspout can be illuminated creating a flow of coloured water. Your choices are endless when designing the shape, size, and style of your water feature. Speak to our designers about which water feature design will work best with your backyard and pool.

Water Feature