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Pool Lighting 

Pool lights are a great feature that gives your pool that wow factor at night. Lights not only allow you to see better underwater at night, but they also extend your swimming time and are great for entertaining guests and family. Nowadays, pool lights are LED and not like those old halogen spotlights. They last much longer, are more aesthetically pleasing and more energy efficient compared to the old halogen lights. LED lights are available in many different sizes, colours and can even be connected to your phone or remote via Wi-Fi!

Benefits of pool lighting:

  • Extends your pool use into the evening
  • Illuminate access points into the pool such as stairs, beach areas and ladders, ensuring safer entry/exit
  • Allow for greater underwater visibility at night
  • Great for entertaining family and guests
  • Create focal points in and around the water
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The lights we use

Here at Pebble Masters, we only use pool lights that surpass Australian standards. The two light brands we offer are Aquaquip and Spa Electrics. These lights are durable, sturdy and specifically designed for an underwater environment. These lights may be a Retrofit or flush mount. Talk to our staff today to discover which lights are best for your pool!

Installing lights in your existing pool

The best time to install pool lights to your existing pool is during the renovation phase. Our technicians will assess the number and location of lights you’ll need to fully illuminate your pool. We will fix the lights and cables inside the pool and organise one of our electricians to run the cables back to a transformer which we usually house next to your pool equipment. From here, you’ll have the opportunity to set up a light switch, remote or access your pool light functions on your handheld device.

Pool Lights

Changing the lights of your existing pool

If your pool already has existing lights, you do have the opportunity to change them whilst we renovate the pool. These lights may be old and faulty, however the cables that they are connected to, should still transfer power; we will check this on site before we install any new lights. If you already have a pool light, you also have the option to install more of them in areas that do not receive much underwater light.

Lights for your new pool build

If you are seeking lights for your new pool build, we are here to help. Nowadays, most, if not all, new pool builds integrate flush mount lights. Flush mount lights are ones that sit level with the finish of your pool, meaning they are not protruding out of the wall. This calls for a more aesthetically pleasing and seamless look when submerged underwater. When the pool shell is about to be strayed with concrete, you will need to fit the light housing within the steel structure so the concrete can hold the housing in place. After we apply the final finish, we will connect the lights to the cable inside the pool and they will be ready to go!