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Structural Services During a Pool Renovation

When engaging in a pool renovation, you do also have the opportunity to change it structurally, meaning you can change the shape, depth, size, layout or even the surrounding areas of your pool. You may be entering that stage of your life where the pool is used more to simply cool off rather than to swim. Perhaps, you have been blessed with children or grandchildren who are beginning to swim. Changing the shape and structural dynamics of your existing pool will make you more able to cater for these needs and make your pool more enjoyable for years to come.

Structural changes may also include changes or replacement of your pipes, main drain, and skimmer box.

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Structural Changes Inside the Swimming Pool

Structural changes inside the swimming pool shell may include the construction of new steps, a beach area, making your pool shallower or changing the internal shape of your pool to make it more modern or appealing.


Construction of new steps

Building new steps in existing pools is quite a common occurrence here at Pebble Masters, especially amongst our elderly clients and clients with young children/grandchildren. Adding a submerged step will assist with entering and exiting the pool, making it a safer environment for both sets of clients. These steps are usually aided by a handrail which further assists for an easier and more pleasant swimming pool. When building a new submerged step, we will guide you to which area is the most appropriate, accessible, and aesthetically pleasing. Once the structure is completed, the step will be covered with a new pebblecrete interior that will blend seamlessly with the rest of your pool. It will look like it has been there since day one!

Construction of a beach area

A growing trend in the design of new pools is the construction of beach areas. Beach areas are large shallow platforms, usually situated in the shallow end/entry point of the pool. These platforms are great when you have young ones as they can learn to swim, walk, and play in the water. Beach areas are also used to house in-pool furniture and shades. These chairs, umbrellas and even drink coolers sit half-submerged in the water, giving you the perfect area to sit back, have a drink, read a book and unwind from the hectic world we live in. If you already have a pool with no beach area, there is no need to worry! We can construct a shallow platform within your existing shell that suits the overall shape and dimensions of your pool. Building a beach area will add versatility to your existing pool, meaning you and your loved ones can enjoy its functionality for many years to come!

Changing the depth of your existing pool

Here at Pebble Masters, we see many deep and steep pools that were constructed over 40 years ago. Many of these pools featured a diving board and were the ‘in thing’ during the day. However, some customers find these pools difficult to maintain and enjoy… they get sick of doggy paddling for so many years. When changing the structure of your pool, this also may include the depth and steepness of it. After forming-up and pouring concrete on the floor of your existing pool, it will need time to cure. This curing time usually takes 3-4 weeks dependent on the weather. After this, we apply your new chosen interior that will match the rest of the pool!

Changing the size or layout of your existing pool

Another key structural change within your existing swimming pool is the alteration of the shell’s shape or size of the pool. This may include the addition of new pool walls. For example, some of our customers have wanted to alter the shape of their rounded pool to make it look more modern. To do this, we have formed and sprayed a new concrete shell within the existing pool, making it a smaller and rectangular pool. Another reason for the change of the size or layout of an existing pool is to make way for a bigger backyard. Pools built from the 70s to the 90s were two or even three times the size of an average pool today. Pools back then usually took up a large section of the backyard, however the standard size of a block was bigger. We have had clients in the past who have asked us to reduce the size of their pool so that they can utilise their backyard and outdoor area more efficiently.

Decommissioning and replacing the skimmer box, pipes and main drain within your pool

Another structural change we encounter at Pebble Masters is the decommissioning and replacement of components in your pool’s circulatory system, being your skimmer box and pipes. Some older pools may have a skimmer box that has a structural crack, and as such affects the circulation of your pool water. This could result in leaks, weaker water pressure through the pipes and circulation problems for your pool. Perhaps your skimmer box is placed in a poor, difficult to access position of your pool. Here at Pebble Masters, we specialise in the decommissioning, removal and installation of skimmer boxes.

As for pipes, we specialise in the decommissioning of old and damaged pipes and the installation of new ones. Some pools we encounter fail to have enough return lines/outlets for their size pool or they are positioned in a poor location which affects the water circulation of the pool. We can install new pipes in areas that ensure maximum circulation, meaning your pool water and surface will be cleaner than ever!

Every renovation we complete has the main drain or cover, and hydrostatic valve removed and replaced with a brand new one. Situated at the deepest part of the pool, replacing these parts, will minimise the possibilities of any hassles in years to come.


Structural Changes Around the Swimming Pool

Here at Pebble Masters, we can also help you if you are searching for structural changes around your pool to improve the aesthetics and functionality of your pool area. Common structural changes we completed is the concreting of your pool surrounds level to that of your coping. In doing this, you create a seamless and level pool scape with a sleek appeal and fewer trip hazards. Concreting your surrounds also creates a strong structural foundation upon which your surrounding tiles will sit on top of.

We also see many areas in which the surrounds slope into the pool itself. This means in conditions of rain or high winds, dust, dirt, leaves and other foreign objects that sit on the pool surroundings make their way into the pool easier, thus disturbing the pool water. By changing the slope and levels of your pool surrounds through concreting it, we can rectify this problem whilst making it look aesthetically pleasing at the same time. To assist with this, we are also able to install drainage grates in suitable areas so that foreign or pool water make its way off the pool surrounds. These grates are available in stainless steel, plastic or can be seamlessly blended in with your stone via a stainless-steel sleeve in which the stone is placed in.

In conjunction with concreting your surrounding areas, we also can build steps, retaining walls and benches within the pool area. When erected in the correct space, these items make for a more functional, versatile, and pleasing poolscape.