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Our Story

Established and family run since 1993.

So where did the Pebble Masters dream begin? Our story started way further back then our birth in 1993. Since the early 1980s, Mark (CEO) and his father, began the then, relatively new trade of Pebblecreting. Pebblecrete is the combination of small pebbles with cement and other additives to form a render like substance that is applied to a surface via a trowel. Historically, pebblecrete was mainly used for verandas, driveways, and footpaths. This was the case as it was durable, low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing.

Mark and his father literally began to pebblecrete Sydney, with the pair and their team working on countless commercial projects in the city as well as residential driveways and verandas. The two quickly made a name for themselves in the industry due to their pride, efficiency, and quality of their workmanship in the art of pebblecrete. By this time, the product was becoming increasingly popular as a finish inside swimming pools due to its performance underwater. With an increase in demand for pebblecrete in pools, the team shifted their offering as a company; from verandas, driveways, and footpaths to pool interiors. Come 1993 and Pebble Masters was born; a specialised company focusing on the delivery of high-quality pool renovations and new pool interiors.

During our growth phase, the now husband and wife team of Mark and Lisa felt the full pressures of owning their own business. However, with pressure comes sacrifice and sacrifice bears reward. That reward is where our company is at today.

Our operations have stayed the same from day one. Each of our customers deals directly with Mark and Lisa at every step of the project. This ensures our company delivers on customer requests and maintains high quality standards. Without this communication, our company would simply not work the way it does. Its this communication, along with quality, which has contributed to the success of our company all these years.

As Pebble Masters has grown the philosophy hasn’t. We continue to maintain our core focus on quality. Our quality stems from two aspects; the products we use during the project and the skills and techniques we implement to deliver these products. By combining the techniques, we have learned along the way with modern products and concepts, we are able to stay authentic to our philosophy. As such, we aim to exceed our customer’s expectations and deliver a pool renovation or new pool interior that they will enjoy for many years to come.