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Waterline Tiles


A waterline tile is the band of tiles under the pool coping, on the interior of the pool, usually around 120 - 200mm deep.


These tiles must be specifically formulated and manufactured for swimming pools. They must withstand water presure, be anti-slip, have very little water absorption, have a glaze that is acid and alkaline resistant and are also fade and dirt resistant.


Waterline tiles facilitate the cleaning for your pool. Dirt and "scum" will be easier to clean off a tile rather than a surface.  They also "finish" a pool interior making it look neater and more complete giving a beautiful finished effect.  Waterline tiles can also be integrated into a water feature, which can ultimately be a wonderful focal point for your whole back yard.


When choosing your waterline tiles, you need to consider your choice of interior finish and coping tiles. Colours should blend and not be in huge contrast with each other. The colour of water will also need to be considered when choosing waterline tiles, so that they work in harmony and do not end up being a distraction to the eye.


Ceramic or glass mosaic?


The choice is up to you!  Ceramic waterline tiles offer a classic option that has been a popular choice for many years.  Colours offered in ceramic tiles tend to be more subtle and can be a very good option for the budget conscious.


Mosaic tiles are quite the trend these days. They are renowned for their durability and high quality and are very suitable for pools and spas. From plain colours to irridescent finishes. Mosaic tiles can be glass, ceramic or porcelain.


Glass waterline tiles come in a variety of sizes and styles, such as pearls, crystals and standard. Glass tiles have a lovely lustre and can be a stunning addition to a modern pool.


The design possibilities are endless; classic to traditional, neutral, patterned or coloured.


Pebble Masters consultants will help you select the waterline tile from our range that that will make your pool as individual as you are.